Welcome to the fascinating Region of Mbeya, where mysterious attractions lie hidden between high mountains, dense forests and green farms.


We, youth of Sisi Kwa Sisi Society offer you:

-         A visit to the magnificent Ngosi Crater Lake, where local people believe a monster houses under the water surface

-         A view into the traditional cultures of the people living in Mbeya region

-         Climbs to different mountain peaks in the region, from where you have excellent views over relief created by the East African Rift Valley.

-         A relaxing stay at the tropical beach of LakeMalawi                                                                                       

-         Visits to the Mbozi Meteorite Stone and the Natural Bridge at Kiwira


The profit will be used to invest in agricultural projects of the Sisi Kwa Sisi Society



In the far south of Tanzania, bordering the countries of Malawi and Zambia, lies the fascinating Region of Mbeya. The landscape is characterised by the various relief forms created by the volcanic powers of the African Rift Valley. Several old volcanoes, some of them once exploded, lie scattered over the region, and at many places you can discover hot springs. Within a few hours you can travel from the tropical shores of Lake Malawi to mountain peaks of almost three thousand meter high.

Changes in the altitude and rainfall have enabled a large variety of vegetation to grow on the volcanic soils. In the lower areas you can travel through savannahs and woodlands, while on the mountain slopes you can see dense natural forests and afro-alpine moor land.   Also the agricultural products change drastically. High on the mountain are vast tea estates, while near the shores of Lake Malawi farmers grow rice, sugar cane and mango’s.


Different tours

We have developed various tours that show you the most interesting and fascinating places in Mbeya Region.


Climb of Mbeya Peak

The Mbeya peak (2,826 m) is the most dominant mountain of the Mbeya range and is seen rising majestically from many places around Mbeya. A strenuous climb of three hours leads to the steep peak from where you have an excellent view over the African Rift Valley. On the mountain slopes grow many indigenous flowers, and you may as well spot colourful butterflies.




Ngosi crater lake

Thirty eight kilometres south of Mbeya, in the direction of Tukuyu and Lake Malawi, lies the Ngosi Crater Lake in a beautiful cone mountain. A narrow footpath winds uphill through a dense tropical jungle full of bamboo and wild banana trees. Small mammals and colourful birds hide behind the thick vegetation. After a strenuous climb of about one hour, you arrive at the crater rima and your efforts are rewarded with a magnificent view on the crater lake. Strange colours and water streams in the lake make local people believe that a monster houses under the water surface. Maybe it is related to the one in Loch Ness.


Kiwira natural bridge and potfalls

Not far from Tukuyu lies the natural bridge of Kiwira. The bridge was created by the powers of a fast flowing river. Local people call this miracle 'Daraja la Mungu', the Bridge of God. Very nearby, and as well worth a visit, are the Kijungu water falls, where the water falls several meters deep in an impressive pot hole.


Rungwe Mountain climb

With its 2,960 metres altitude, Rungwe mountain is the highest peak in Southern Tanzania. This great volcano, active over the past million years, dominates the whole area around Tukuyu. It is a vast wild area, more than 100 square kilometres of forest, upland scrub and rock terrain, completely uninhabited and visited only by an occasional walker. After a long hike to the crater rim, you can beautifully overlook the south wall of the explosion crater.


Matema beach

The 130 kilometres drive from Mbeya to Matema beach is among the most scenic in Tanzania. A winding road passes high mountains and vast tea estates before it descends to the tropical shores of Lake Malawi. At Matema beach the Lutheran Church has a conference centre and tourist resort, where you can relax as long as you want. From Matema you can make canoe trips with fishermen over the lake to a nearby village where women are specialised in pottery, and to river-mouth where you can try to see crocodiles and hippos. It is also possible to organise hikes to the Livingstone Mountains from Matema.


Mbozi meteorite and Sisi kwa Sisi farm

Forty kilometres south-east of Mbeya, in the direction of Zambia, lies the meteorite stone of Mbozi. This rare and unusual sight is the eight largest meteorite in the world, weighing about twelve tonnes and at least a thousand years old.

Nearby the meteorite stone, the Sisi kwa Sisi society has a large plot given by the local government to enable unemployed youth from Mbeya to start profitable agricultural projects. Tourists who want to experience a true rural African experience can stay one or more days with the members of Sisi kwa Sisi on the plot and in a nearby village.


Guides of Sisi kwa Sisi

Sisi kwa Sisi Society is a grass root organisation in Mbeya, that assist young people to start income generating activities. Their main activities are in agriculture, handicrafts, and tour guiding. The guides of Sisi kwa Sisi all come from Mbeya Region. They are proud of their country and descent, and know their Region very well. They all speak reasonable English, and are experienced in organising guided tours for tourists.



Apart from Mbeya peak, the attractions in Mbeya Region are not on a walking distance from

Mbeya town. The guides of Sisi kwa Sisi can assist you to rent a car to visit the attractions, or can escort you in local busses that bring you close to the attractions. Sometimes it is also possible to rent a bike to visit an attraction.


A Cultural Tourism Programme Affiliate

The Sisi kwa Sisi Society is an affiliated project to the Cultural Tourism Programme (CTP). CTP is a joint programme of the Tanzania Tourist Board and the Netherlands Development Organisation SNV, that assists local men and women to organise tours in the areas where they live. CTP provides the Sisi kwa Sisi Society with advises on organising tours, and assists them in promoting Mbeya Region as a tourist destination.


For Further Information

please contact your hotel in Mbeya town or,

the small information office of the Sisi Kwa Sisi

Society in the centre of Mbeya town (nearby

the Rhino Monument that symbolises the

friendship between Japan and Tanzania)