I take this  opportunity to introduce you to a system which will change your life,

  $WITCH ANY FAX   INTO A MONEY MACHINE!         And Earn From $1000.00 To  $1,000,000.00  US DOLLARS With Very Little Effort.  

* Very fast !
* International !
* Minimal paperwork !
* Entry costs quickly recovered !
* No waiting to reach top position for payments !
* You can enter as many times as you wish, there is no limit !
* Well established, reputable and legally registered company in Italy !
* You do not need to own a fax, in order to join this program, you simply need access to one in order to send and receive your certificates!     

 Firstly, you obtain a certificate  from the person introducing the system to you. You then decide on the class/number of activation's (certificates to sell) that you feel comfortable with, either 3, 6 or 9. You then arrange a check for Future Strategies to cover their administration fee and make payments to the top four positions. Next, you complete the application sheet and fax it to Future Strategies. Upon receipt of the correct documents, they will immediately fax back your new certificate with instructions.  
Your total investment therefore, is your payment to Future Strategies for their administration fee and 4 x US$20 to the four top positions. The person activating one of your certificates will make these same payments to enter the system. 

Each time certificates are activated, your name will move up one level. As an example, if you choose the minimum class C Basic distributor, you will receive a new ValueFax certificate with three potential activation's. When all three are activated and if each person you introduced, also only ordered three activation's, there would be 9 ValueFax certificates with your name in the fourth position as supervisor. At this this stage you will receive a deposit each time one of these certificates is activated. Therefore, when all certificates are activated you will have received 9 x US$20 = US$180.00! 

  NOW your investment is already recovered, you are receiving money with no out of pocket expense AND without   waiting to reach the top position!         


Class C : Basic Distributor 3 activation's allowed.... US$30         
Class B : Silver Distributor 6 activation's allowed.....US$40         
Class A : Golden Distributor 9 activation's allowed...US$50   
The certificate you receive by fax will have a number ( I.D.number ) followed by another series of numbers in circles. This second set of numbers are the allowable number of activation's that you have chosen, either 3, 6 or 9.


 How Much Money Can I make? 

This is not an easy question to answer, because everyone will put in varying levels of effort and the people they introduce will do the same. We will use this scenario as an example, to show what is possible!  If you choose Class B/Silver Distributor, you will receive a new ValueFax certificate with six potential activation's. When all the six are activated and assuming for the point of the exercise, that each person in the downline also bought in as a Silver Distributor and activated 6 certificates, there will be 36 ValueFax certificates with your name in the fourth position (see example below). That means you will receive deposits of 36 x US$20 = US$720.00 as soon as those 6 certificates are activated by your downline! Your investment is now recovered and you are US$580.00 in profit! 

* On level 3 as Executive Distributor, these 36 people activate 6 each, resulting in your name appearing on 216 certificates. (216 x US$20 = US$4,320.00) 
* On level 2 as Leader. these 216 people activate six each, resulting in your name appearing on 1296 certificates. (1296 X US$20 = US$25,920.00) 
* On level 1 as Top Leader, these 1296 people activate 6 certificates each, resulting in your name being on 7,7776 certificates. (7,776 X US$20 = US$155,520.00)   


Level 5 6 Activation's Your return!
Level 4 36 x $20= US$ 720
Level 3 216 x $20= US$ 4,320
Level 2 1,296 x $20= US$ 25,920
Level 1 7,776 x $20= US$ 155,520
Your total return US$ 186,480

( With each person in the down line activating six certificates )  

Therefore, your total return, based on you buying and then activating 6 certificates and each of your downline doing the same, would be 


Now calculate how much Money is possible as a  GOLDEN DISTRIBUTOR WITH 9 ACTIVATION'S  & while your at it, add some bonus certificates that you and your downline should be able to qualify for, and watch your income 



BONUS CERTIFICATES : If class C/Basic Distributor activates 3 ValueFax certificates within 1 month, they will automatically receive 1 ValueFax Bonus certificate. Class B/Silver Distributor for 6 ValueFax certificates activated within 2 months will receive 2 ValueFax Bonus certificates. And Class A/Golden Distributor for 9 ValueFax certificates activated within 3 months will receive 3 ValueFax Bonus certificates. All certificates will be valid for 3 months. 

 REGENERATION: The name of the person in fifth position that can not activate their ValueFax certificates within the 90 day time period allowed, will have their name removed from 5th position. The certificate will then be reissued to another person, who has qualified for bonus certificate/s. Their name will now appear in 5th position, replacing the original person who was unable to activate their certificate. Therefore once you have sold your one or more of your certificates, your position is secure on that certificate and you will remain in the system and eventually reach top position! This REGENERATION process is GUARANTEED 100% ! 

ACTIVITY/PROGRESS REPORTS: This is a system that allows you to check the progress of your certificates ON LINE.

BENEFITS: You will have the greatest chance of receiving the highest amount by choosing Golden Distributor with 9 activation's. And by participating in this ValueFax system, you will also be able to gain additional income from  other products of Future Strategies and opportunities in the future ! 


NOW YOU CAN START! Get your certificate from the person who introduced it to you, send it with your payments to Future Strategies and you will immediately receive your ValueFax certificate on your fax machine. It will have a new number and the number of activation's available 3, 6 or 9. Your name will now be in the fifth position as Distributor, and you will see your original distributor has moved to the fourth position as Supervisor. Look for motivated people such as yourself, who have a need for extra money and the willingness to put in some effort in order to succeed. 

THERE IS NO USE SIMPLY GIVING THESE CERTIFICATES TO PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT SERIOUS, THEY WILL ONLY SLOW YOUR PROGRESS AND THAT OF THE PEOPLE ABOVE YOU. This is an opportunity for those who have ambition, and are willing to put in some effort to reach great heights. 


IMPORTANT! With this ValueFax system you have a chance to recover your costs very quickly and also to receive a lot of money! In order for this to happen, you must make sure the procedures are followed immediately and correctly! . 


since you must obtain a certificate from a person who introduced you to this game 
Send e-mail indicating the country you are to get a certificate now!