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The following is a list of various files that you can download for further information.  The brochures give a good list of available options for the different tours.  The newsletter articles are often updates, comments or interesting happenings regarding cultural tours.  All documents are in Word Perfect format.  We are currently in the process of making more articles available for download.  If you the information you require is not available, please contact us by email.  We also welcome any comments you may have for us.

Babati and Hanang brochure

Engaruka brochure

Gezaulole brochure

Ilkiding'a brochure

Kisangara brochure

Longido brochure

Machame brochure

Marangu / Mamba brochure

Mbeya brochure

Mkuru brochure

Monduli juu brochure

Mto wa Mbu brochure

Mulala brochure

Ng'iresi brochure

Northern Pare Mountains brochure

Pangani brochure

Southern Pare Mountains brochure

Usambara brochure

Newsletter Articles (February 2001)

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