Welcome to our village at the foot of Mount Meru where the sounds of rivers, birds and people are in harmony.  A cultural tour of Ilkiding'a will give you the opportunity to experience traditional Wa-arusha culture. Spend a day walking around the hills of Ilkiding'a and get some insight into traditional African culture.  Tours include:

  • A view into the culture of the Wa-arusha
  • A warm welcome in local household and have a look in the way an extended family is living
  • A visit to craftsmen and a traditional healer
  • A walk through the farms where people produce cash crops to supply Arusha town
  • A rest at viewpoints overlooking Arusha town
  • Hikes along narrow footpaths, crossing a canyon and climbing small hills
  • Traditional food prepared by our women  

Tourism profits are invested in improvement of the primary school so that our children get a better education.

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For further information about tours to Ilkiding'a, please download a text copy of our Ilkiding'a brochure.