Welcome and explore the life of the Chagga people living on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.                                                  

Machame area is scattered by waterfalls, coffee and banana farms, historical sites and view points.

You have  a choice of comprehensive escorted cultural tours lead by our enthusiastic and experienced guides.

We, the farmers of Kilimanjaro offer you:

* A warm welcome in a local Chagga household.

* Hikes through dense natural forests, farms and rivers .

* Three different views of the snow capped Mount  Kilimanjaro, where local ancient Chagga legends recount tales of an Iron hut that made them to be strong.

* A visit to several development projects in the area (coffee production, traditional irrigation, afforestation, cross breeding, bee-keeping, schools, health care, food processing, etc)


The profit will be used to subsidise various women and youth development activities within the area.

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Please download our brochure fur further information on tours to Machame.


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Other cultural tours

Profits from tourism will go towards the Kilimanjaro Village Education Project.  This group assists with improving education at both the primary and secondary level. 

Please download our brochure for further information on tours to Machame

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