Babati & Hanang

Welcome to the fertile lands and farmland where most crops grow on the edge of  the Rift Valley. Here you can walk and see a mixture of tribal cultures and rural life as lived by ordinary Tanzanians off the well trodden Tourist Circuits. 

 ·                A special Barbaig cultural insight hike

 ·                An exclusive Mount Hanang climb

 ·                A fishing adventure with local canoes on Lake 

             Babati while viewing hippo’s 

 ·                A chance to participate in local brick and pottery 

             making and beer brewing

 ·                A visit to development projects like cattle, dairy 

              farming, piped water projects,            

 ·                Cycling expedition through remote areas

The profit will be used to improve the primary school in two villages. Your visit helps to improve the education of the children.


  For further information about tours to Babati / Hanang, please download a text copy of our Babati / Hanang brochure.


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