Monduli Juu

Karibu! Welcome to the mountainous areas of Monduli Juu, where you can experience the original Maasai Culture in different adventurous ways.

We, Maasai of Monduli Juu, are happy to offer you:


§       A visit to the Sominen, Emairete and Sokoine dams with their different splendid bird life

§       A climbing trip through the evergreen rain forest

§       A rest at astonishing panorama’s, overlooking the Rift Valley, Oldonyo Lengai, Lake Natron…

§       A warm welcome in Naramatu: a small “factory” where Maasai women make Maasai jewels

§       Traditional “nyama choma”  with  our Maasai warriors in “Orpul”  (Maasai  meat camp)

§       The story of the secret differences between Maasai and Waarusha


The profit will be used to set up and running a Kintergarten in Monduli Juu.


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