Mamba and Marangu

At the foot of Kilimanjaro lie the beautiful towns of Marangu and Mamba.  Here, local people have planned various walking tours through valleys and numerous waterfalls depicting mountain village life.  Enjoy the panoramic scenes of  and natural beauty of Kilimanjaro.  Tours can include the following: 

  • guided tours leading to panoramic viewpoints ideal for photography of waterfalls and Mount Kilimanjaro
  • chance to pass historical sights from clan wars and  ancient legends including large hiding caves used during the Chagga - Maasai wars
  • visit to local blacksmiths who continue using ancestral methods to prepare Maasai spears and tools
  • opportunity to experience Chagga culture with a visit to a traditional Chagga house

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Other cultural tours

Profits from tourism will go towards the Kilimanjaro Village Education Project.  This group assists with improving education at both the primary and secondary level. 

Please download our brochure for further information on tours to Mamba/ Marangu.

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